Leaving on a Jet Plane

Finally the day has come. Relocating from India to Ghana.  It is definitely a BIG change for someone who has never lived outside India. An interesting fact about moving to Africa has been this question raised by many when I spoke about the relocation- ‘Why Africa?’ Why not any other better place? US, UK and Australia tops the list of favorites for relocation. My instantaneous reply has been Why not Africa? I decided to experience living in a land which has not been ventured out by any of our friends or family members. Isn’t that thought exciting enough!

So this blog has been result of the question ‘Why Africa?’ I want to share my experience of living in Ghana. All kinds of experiences will be shared here- good, bad, ugly or scared! Many questions hover over my mind about Africa – How will be the roads and traffic? Will the markets have Indian veggies or will I have to cook some roots! How will the people be like? What is the scope of my weekend entertainment- restaurants, shopping and movies?? Ghana Khazana will track all these questions and many more with pictures of course.

Traveling to a new place for vacation is completely different from moving to a place for setting up your home. My shopping started three months back and today it is in the form of two check-in baggage (plus carton boxes already sent by cargo last weekend). I have packed enough Indian masalas to start an Indian grocery store there!

I have no clue as to what is in store for me when I set up my home there. My friends ask how I am feeling as I pack my bags. Frankly, I feel just like any other day. May be my voice will tremble while bidding goodbye to my parents at the airport or thinking of the 12 hour long flight all alone. That is one possibility. Other possibility is I may be excited for my first long international flight adventure.

Adieu family and friends. Adieu India. I wonder what I will miss the most about you, my India?

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