Bizzare foodz


The American TV show ‘Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern’…. Aaaah.. now you remember this bald man who eats all types of living things which we don’t define as food.If you have watched this, you would know every country has some bizzare food in their daily diet.  Click here to know what I am writing about.

I also happened to stumble upon this post about bizzare food served in India which includes buffalo spleen in Pune, red ant chutney in Chattisgarh, frog legs in Sikkim, Hilsa fish eggs in Bengal and snail stew in Nagaland! Yes, that’s right. Even we have our share of bizzare food.

The title ‘bizzare’ or ‘weird’ simply falls upon food as we live in different parts of the world. For instance, scorpions and insects are a favorite of the Chinese but bizzare for Indians, though we are neighboring countries! In India, the meat which is much talked about, banned and considered a sin-‘BEEF’ is rest of the world’s favorite. So in my opinion people who waste their time, energy and tax payers’ money discussing about banning beef in India should just pack their bags and travel. Travelling would most likely awaken their gray matter, make them modest and realize what a tiny place they occupy in this world. Humans have different tastes and preferences depending on which part of the world they are living.  If you are banning food for your countrymen’s well being, consider banning carbonated drinks and high-sodium junk food which have become a daily diet. These are probably causing more harm than red meat.

Concluding my small speech, let me get to the core of the post. Accra supermarkets also surprised me with the variety of meat, which are part of diet here but will not find way to an Indian home.

Warning to Vegetarians and soft-hearted Non-Vegetarians:
This is to inform you that the following images may be disturbing.  
Proceed at your own risk. The Author is not responsible for any mental trauma ;)

Presenting some interesting snaps. The level of weirdness will ascend with each picture. We will start with less bizzare and end up with the most bizzare. Hope you survive till last!

beef shank
Beef is the King here. Dominates over chicken and mutton in the meat shop.

beef sausage

India’s favorite meat chicken. Here, even chicken feet is sold
Turkey, again with feet on sale
Turkey, again with feet on sale
Octopus is now becoming common in India also
Cow tail
Cow feet
Pig feet
Lamb neck
Meat of Greater cane rat, popularly known as Grasscutter in Ghana. Their meat called bush meat is a delicacy here.
Meat of Greater cane rat, popularly known as Grasscutter in Ghana. Their meat is called bush meat, a delicacy here.
A Grasscutter
A Greater cane rat (grass cutter)
getting more weird


The final one which actually made me to utter
The final one really took me by surprise

5 thoughts on “Bizzare foodz

  1. Most of these cuts are what westerners refer to as “offal”..nowadays a major trend in sustainable “eating” is “nose-to-tail”..nothing is wasted..looks like the Ghana folk were already one up on this! Good one fact, mutton paya is made from goat’s feet/”trotters”..have you tried it? It’s actually quite yumm!

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  2. I just ate beef fry and porotta ha ha. Kerala. Most of the vegetarians in Kerala are women folk. Most men eat meat. I can understand the emotional attachment to cow. From ancient times, cow was like an useful pet giving milk, cheese and butter. Even today, I know a friend’s home where they have a few cows for milk and they don’t eat beef. Ox helped in farming. So they didn’t like to eat their pet. It is just like American’s don’t eat horse or dog. Westerners have an emotional attachment to dog and horse and they frown at Chinese who eat everything. By the way I don’t like dogs, what a stupid animal ha ha. They can keep their tail wag love to their bitches. 🙂


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