Frenchin up Accra

After you have relocated to a new country, what are the best ways to soak in the new culture and also to make some friends? Hmmm, may be join a expats group or learn a new language or join a hobby class. Before I plunge into another busy work life, I wanted to use my time to strike off something from my bucket list. Learning french was not on the list. However, learning french at Alliance Francaise was definitely one of the chart toppers.

Alliance Francaise with its 850 centers in 137 countries, is one of the largest organisations in the world promoting french language and culture. Back in India, long working hours kept me away from enrolling in AF, India. I learnt french from local tutors but the magic was missing.

Within one month of moving to Accra, I enrolled for my first session at AF, Accra. I still remember my first day at AF. I was awestruck!  

AF is so much more than just a building with classrooms. The campus has been developed very artistically. A lot of thought and love has gone into making this campus a special place.

Artistic Alliance Francaise
Art is in the air!
Art is in the air!
Top: This artistic work is a result of recycled bicycle parts. Bottom: Another beautiful work of art using recycled plastic bottles. A great idea to collect rain water for birds to drink
Top: This artistic work is from recycled bicycle parts. Bottom: Another beautiful work of art using recycled plastic bottles. A great idea to collect rain water for birds to drink
Bon Appetit!

Probably, the most favourite french word. At AF, these words are made more special. The campus houses a ‘bon’ restaurant serving wood fired pizzas  ( in pic below: wood fired chimney smokinggg!)  and french delicacies. There is also a cafe for our daily coffee, baquette and brownies .

campus 2
Bon Appetit indeed!
food 1
Top:: Brownie + Crepe au choclat and Chicken Baguette. All from Cafe Lakaz. Bottom:: The popcorn cart, from where we buy our popcorn for movies and also carry to our classes at times. Bottom right– My fav place- the Barbecue station- He makes the most tastiest barbecue sticks

As the days passed by, I realized AF is an extraordinary place.  It is so much more than just studies. Always brimming with extra curricular activities. We celebrated the Europe Week in Ghana. AF played a major role in organizing the Jazz festival in Accra. I was introduced to the world of Jazz through AF. Absolutely thrilling!

Music fest

and whats more?!… the Students Cine-club of AF organizes a French movie ( of course with English subtitles) at the Movie hall every Wednesday.  What a fun way to learn a foreign language! So after class, we grab a bag of popcorn, some barbecue sticks and soda to enjoy our movie.


Salle de classe

All talks done but no mention about studies or classroom!

Alliance Francaise of Accra is the melting pot.  Professors and students of AF hail from different countries. My class comprises of 15 students, but we are four or more nationalities in one class. Some of the professors are native french speakers. My typical class looks like this…


My previous classroom transported me to Paris.. That is because….

Eiffel! Eiffel! Surrounded by Eiffel tower pictures in the classroom..
Getting more serious..

The Library, a very important part of any educational center. AF library is a class apart. Besides having a wide range of books and magazines , the library also has a good collection of french movie DVDs with a facility to watch in the library, free of cost. Also, a television with over 25 french channels. Not yet done! for the delight of most students, a video gaming corner.


AF Gone Green

Besides imparting knowledge,  AF conscientiously instills a habit in us to safeguard the environment.  The campus has gone green in all ways.

Class beyond the rooms
The class beyond the rooms
All plastic bottles are discarded in this huge
All plastic bottles are discarded in this gigantic ” bottle” waste-bin which is later recycled.

Last but the most adorable part of AF.. The pets of AF..

While you try to recollect your grammar lessons sitting below the tree, you get a surprise visitor

Overall, my last three months at AF has been very memorable. I made friends, watched movies, enjoyed Jazz and learnt french along the way.


6 thoughts on “Frenchin up Accra

  1. Looks like a model campus that other educational institutions can follow – something that gets along with the nature , rather than mindless concrete jungles. Well written , Roshni ! Nice pics , too.


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  2. Really enjoyed the read someone who also features an AF experience in her list, you almost took me through a walk through the whole thing! Keep writing and clicking all your pictures..

    Liked by 1 person

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