Istanbul in Accra

A visit to the Blue Mosque, an iconic architectural marvel, would surely top your to-do list on a trip to Istanbul. Turkey has an unique geographic location between Asia, Europe and Africa. 99% of the Turkish population is Muslims. Yet, Turkey is a secular country!

You are acquainted with Istanbul’s Blue Mosque. Well, have you heard of the Accra Furqan?

It is the Blue Mosque of Ghana.  It is Turkey’s gift to Ghana. It is also considered as the National Mosque of Ghana.

The photo quality isn’t the best as I was in a moving car.

The mosque has the Turkish (Ottoman) architectural designs similar to the Istanbul Blue mosque. It is still under construction but you can catch the sight of the perfectly shaped arches and domes.

Turkish influence in Accra is not limited to just construction of the Blue Mosque. It definitely extends to the language that we all understand. The language of food!

There are a number of Turkish restaurants and cafes around the city. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit all of them but I have found one such comfortable and cosy restaurant that compels us to visit it repeatedly instead of trying out new places. The food served is undoubtedly heart and tummy filling. I would rather post some food pics than rave about it.

DNR- Turkish restaurant
It has both indoor and outdoor seating. We preferred outdoor because of the weather and more so because photos are better with sunlight 🙂
Some appetizers to start with..

Complimentary treats from the restaurant includes traditional Turkish tea, similar to our black tea. Just that the Turkish tea is infused with flavors. The  ‘designer’ bread to break with the soup and fresh salad with salsa dip.

Top left- Traditional Turkish tea. it is a complimentary drink here. Top right and left bottom : Turkish bread to break with the Chicken soup. Turkish bread is complimentary with the soup Bottom Right: Fresh salad and salsa dip. Again complimentary with every food order.
Top left- The Turkish tea. Top right and left bottom : Turkish bread to break with the Chicken soup. Bottom Right: Fresh salad and salsa dip. Again complimentary with every food order.
Balloon with Humus Tahina

Well ‘Balloon’ is the name of the bread served with various dips. We preferred Humus dip- all time favorite.

Balloon bread with humus tahina and salsa dip
Bread with Haydari

As I mentioned above, there are various types of dips. Haydari dip is another popular part of Turkish appetizer made out of strained yogurt, garlic and herbs.


Pide and chiken wings

Pide is a common Turkish food. It is flat bread cooked with various toppings. Yes, it looks similar to Pizza. Chicken wings are too irresistible not to order, served with some fries and again Turkish bread.


Bread Factory
Open kitchen to cook wood-fired bread and pizza
Open kitchen to cook wood-fired bread and pizza
Mersin Kebab

Mersin kebabs are a relished Mediterranean cuisine. They are soft and melt in the mouth. They can be compared to our Indian Seekh kebabs.

Top : Mersin Kebab Bottom: Open kitchen area for grilling meat
Chicken Roulade

In the menu, this dish was named as stuffed chicken served with curry sauce. But it reminded me of European Roulade. This dish is of filled and rolled chicken, stuffed with veggies. The curry sauce has mustard base, it will surely win Bengali hearts.

Kebbee Nayee

There is a Kebbee Nayee counter set outdoor. Kebbee Nayee is an Arabic food which is made of meat with fine bulgur and spices. It is served with mint leaves, olive oil and onions. We were too full to try it. So no pictures of how it looks on plate.

Top- Outside seating area for serving Kebbee Nayee Bottom- Lady at the Kebbee counter

Tulumba is a popular Turkish sweet. It was part of the cuisine of Turkish Empire (Ottoman). It  is a fried batter soaked in syrup, similar to Churros or Indian sweet Jalebis.

Dessert- Tulumba
Dessert- Tulumba
Turkish lanterns

The restaurant corners are artistically decorated with Turkish lanterns. T12

Being in Accra, I am learning and relishing new cuisines like Turkish. Whenever I visit Istanbul, I am sure that as far as food is concerned, it is going to be a familiar place.


7 thoughts on “Istanbul in Accra

  1. Reading Ur Experience, i relished mine… Try out @ Bhosporous, Labone… Another Turkish Restaurant… U might get a lot to write, right from the Name of the Restaurant, until the Desserts…

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  2. Hai Roshni! your blog is really interesting to read and iam really proud of you that with in a short period of your stay in ghana u spent your leisure
    time dedicating to know and learn about a new country its facts about people ,understanding their food ,life culture and visiting sites ,good photography too ! Hats of to you and let god bless you to travel around world and explore more .

    Liked by 1 person

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