6 months!

Georgie o Georgie!

Georgie, I have never written to you before. But what to do! With more and more talented people giving up writing on the pretext of ‘lack of time’, people like me (lesser talented lot) have to jump onto the boat to save it from sinking.

Georgie, can you believe it has been 6 months in Accra!! I know Georgie, longest time outside India. You must be thinking what is the big fuzz about? It is a big deal Georgie! for someone who has spent her 26 years in India. But I have no complaints Georgie. In fact, I owe this place a lot already. My life has transformed in many ways in these 6 months. I have been so engaged from day 1 in soaking up this new phase of life that in 6 months I have done more exciting things than last few years put together in India. You know how it was like to be stuck in a job that you are not so fond of, working longer hours which mostly ate away your holidays and living from weekend to weekend.. You don’t want me to crib about the past, do you?

So coming back to my point Georgie, (how much I divert from my initial talks!) I often thought ‘living life to the fullest’ is a phrase often hyped. But am I not living that phrase now, Georgie? I remember my first day here, when I stepped out of the airport; I didn’t know what was happening to me, so many feelings rushing to my head- I was curious, anxious, excited yet apprehensive. Gladis was the first person I met in Accra and now my house doesn’t run efficiently without this superwoman. Second interaction was with our neighbors and my first friends in Accra -Anu, Sujith and their little twin angels without whom Accra would never be the same friendly familiar place. Soon, my circle kept growing bigger with Kalpana & Sushil, Maji , Sinu & little Savi. Georgie, you know even the best places on earth can be hell without friends! Whom am I talking to?! I forgot you have been often ignored on the pretext of time. My sympathies!

Coming back again Georgie, I don’t know from where I got the Adrenalin rush to join for french class, or cook dinner for 10 guests (of course with the help of Glady!), or single-handedly manage to get an interview with a top Think Tank in Ghana and also manage to get a job there! Georgie, can you believe this is all me. Not done yet, then taking up teaching again and that sense of happiness you get when you do something that you love! Georgie, how we forget to live these passionate moments in between our monotonous weekend- weekend life?! I am so glad Georgie that I am in Accra now. I have started living to the fullest again Georgie! Now, Monday mornings are not blue nor do I need to look at my watch 1050 times to check if I am nearing office closing time nor are my Sundays just meant to catch up with some sleep which were lost during the weekdays.

I love this Georgie, I love my life!


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