If everything goes exactly as planned and if Ghanaian internet extends her support, then this post is being published while I address the students of the BlueCrest College as their Guest Speaker!!! Wuhoooo!!!

The BlueCrest College, Accra is celebrating the spirit of empowering Women and they chose me among the four women speakers to address this forum today.

Pinch me someone!

It is definitely a dream come true, to start with…


My talk in on creative writing and I think I owe this to my blog completely. The creative writer in me was discovered through this blog. It could have been my articles or my posts that got me this opportunity and I am truly humbled.

Not many can relate, if I say I have always been secretly preparing for a day like this. Those hours spent in front of the mirror with a deodorant bottle in hand as mike, pretending to be addressing a gathering! (Yes!, you are  reading a Crazy’s blog).  I absolutely adored those moments in front of the mirror and still do!

I think we all have secret (crazyy) desires which we may not share with anyone simply because the other person may not understand or appreciate our passion as much as we understand and feel it.  We kill most of these desires or have a belief that it will never come true because our logical brain gives us practical reasons why it wont come true..

But when you simply don’t do the ‘analysis paralysis’ of the outcomes and just wish and pursue what you really really want, you happen to get it! Of course, there is no guarantee of the time taken for getting want you want, but it surely manifests! I may sound like a character out the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne. The theory of the ‘Laws of Attraction’ is not accepted by many, yet it has always fascinated me. The feeling that you have the power to create your destiny is simply empowering. I read the book for the first time nearly 7 years back. Though I don’t read it regularly, the fundamentals have stayed on with me.(Tip:the movie is so much better than the book)

The Secret has secretly tuned my mind over the years to be more optimistic and more importantly to take LIFE easy and simple. To tune the mind to look at the positive aspect of every negative situation is rather very tricky and sounds highly irrational. In a world where one’s quotient of  happiness and success is measured in comparison to his neighbors, achieving contentment in life will always remain a puzzle.

Coming back to my talk, it is all about empowering the students to discover the creative writer in them. My experience says that everyone is a creative writer! All it takes is an ‘experience’ or a ‘person’ or a ‘situation’ or an ‘object’ to inspire you to write passionately and creatively.

So while introducing students to WordPress and to the world of blogging, this post acts like a hands-on experience of publishing a post in WordPress.

21/11/15 is going down my life ‘bar diagram’  as one of the most cherished days. The feeling of pride will always stay on to motivate me to attract many more such days.

Here is a copy of my presentation, in case any student wants to revisit my ideas Workshop On Creative Writing Roshni Rajiv.

Just editing this post to add this beautiful letter received from one of the students. She handed over this letter to me with a look of gratitude. These are the moments that you cherish for a lifetime. The feeling of looked upon for inspiration! No wads of cash can buy you this feeling of contentment.



3 thoughts on “21/11/15

  1. Interesting viewpoint on blogging and creative writing Babby (I read your PPT). Blogging is enabling individuals to become advocates, publishers, journalists – a chance to become famous, be listened to and be valued.

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