Marhabaan Morocco- 2

Bonjour Morocco!

Continuing my Moroccan tale. The earlier post Bonjour Morocco captured my itinerary. This post is about some unique experiences to look forward to while visiting Morocco. I would list it as the Must-Dos.

Speak the tongue

Parlez-vous français?                                                 Marhabaan, kayf halik

Je veux une glace, SVP                                                         Shukran!

If any of these dialogues made sense to you, then Bingo!

As French and Arabic are the languages spoken here, I had to brush up my French before the holiday. Everyday in Morocco was a French oral exam! (Production Orale!). There is a clear advantage if you speak either French or Arabic (basic) as English is not widely spoken here.  You could easily manage with the help of a tour guide during a Medina trip or when you travel countryside.

Otherwise, even ordering food at a local joint or buying railway tickets or asking for directions could be a challenge, if you don’t speak the tongue. I struggled at the railway counter and at the bus counter to book tickets as the person in charge didn’t speak English.Apart from the need to just survive, knowing French or Arabic would also enhance your travel experience. In my case, it helped me to strike up a conversation with my co-passengers.


Stay in a Riad

Riad is a traditional Moroccan house with a large courtyard. Riads could completely take you by surprise as no two Riads are similar. Many of the Riads have been converted into tourist homes and they are definitely better than hotels for real Moroccan experience. The entrance to a Riad could be totally misleading. It would be located in one of the narrow streets and you would never imagine that a beautiful and spacious place lies beyond that small door.

This small door opens to this…
Hammam / Spa

You cannot miss out on the Hammam experience when you are in Morocco. It is a traditional Moroccan bath. A way to pamper yourself after a long day. I opted for both Hammam and  a traditional Moroccan body massage with argon oil. Worth the money.

Je mange….

The most important discussion begins here.

The thought of the next meal keeps me going. Moroccan cuisine was new to me. So every meal was an exciting experience.Something new to try. Influenced by Berber culture, the traditional food is Arabic which includes tangine and couscous. Fast food joints serve Arabic specialties like shawarma and grilled chicken and yes of course the traditional mint tea. I traveled during winter, so pots and pots of mint tea kept me going. Moroccan cuisine will definitely be the highlight of your trip.

Let’s Walk

Exploring the Medina (old city) on foot is undoubtedly an unique experience. Every city has a Medina. I explored the Medina of Fes, Marrakech and Chaouen. Medina of Fes was the largest consisting of nearly 12000 narrow alleys. Interesting fact: all 12000 alleys are named.

Fes is my favorite city in Maroc and it is beautiful. So walking is the best way to imbibe all the beauty around. .

And yesss.. You will love the oranges!



That’s all folks! In case you require any specific details about Maroc, do post a comment or write to me.


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